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Far Infrared Body Wrap

Far Infrared Body Wraps have been shown to eliminate toxins, provide stress relief, promote weight loss and soothe sore muscles and joints in a short, 30 minute session. You should arrive for your appointment in light, cotton socks, long pants and long sleeve shirt to provide a barrier between your skin and the wrap. Please bring a change of clothes to re-dress in after your session as you will sweat during your treatment. You will lay in the Infrared wrap, we will zip you up and you will relax as calories & stress is melted away from your body. After the session you will be given a cold towel and dry towel and can change into your extra set of clothing.

- Far IR therapy can detoxify your body due by producing sweating that moves harmful elements out of your body.

- Far IR therapy promotes relaxation by balancing the body's level of cortisol and relaxing muscles, thus reducing stress.

-Sweating burns calories. IR therapy raises the core body temperature to help burn calories and stimulates metabolism.

- 1 IR Body Wrap can burn anywhere from 600-800 calories



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